Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Looking for my gem

I have been on the search for a hidden "gem" to refinish, redo, remake etc.. I have been inspired by my best friend Lauren who has re furnished and been martha stewart with a few things. I'm getting exhausted searching at places around the seattle area and leaving empty handed :( Not to mention, I have changed my style into the new ever so popular SHABBY CHIC style. With the inspirations of a few other friends homes around me, I have had the sudden urge to shop at good will, thrift stores and even look at flea markets to find things to add to our home. I guess you can call me a "rookie" at all of this...BUT since the change of style, I have begun looking online at ideas.

I guess, this dreaming/planning/buying (whatever you want to call it) is unhealthy for our bank account and really if I buy anything else, my apartment will explode....but who says dreaming and planning for that future home is bad!? :)

Here are a few blogs that I'm (for lack of better word) ADDICTED to :) Not including our friends personal blogs!
http://fleamarketchics.blogspot.com/ (LOCAL and great...they are at the freemont farmers market every Sunday)

Anywho, at this time I have not created any "gems" or really have not bought any shabbyness yet but I'm moving toward that direction!

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  1. Check these two out: www.kfddesigns.blogspot.com (her furniture portfolio is sweet) and www.windhula.blogspot.com--she doesn't update very often, but check out the photos of her home, amazing!