Monday, July 19, 2010

Here we are again! Our 2nd blog post. I figured since it has already been over a week since our first post, we are probably due! I'm writing this blog post next to pat, who of course is in a deep sleep next to me. If you know Pat very well, you understand that it does not take much for him to fall asleep. No matter where we are or what we are doing, Pat will most likely get a snooze in!

Update on our summer:
This summer has been flying by already! We can not believe that it is already July 19th! With two wedding celebrations down and four to go ( including the big one, Michelle and Scott!) we have found ourself very busy. We have gone to my family's cabin a few times and spent the week with Pats family in Leavenworth. Not to mention, we have ate wayyy to much good food! Here are a few pictures of our summer thus far.......oh and they are taken with my new camera!! Whoo Hoo!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Do we belong here?

We are not so sure about this blog thing. Here we are at 10:51 at night (way past our bedtime) trying to create our blog. Lets just say, we are not "tech savvy". The motivation from the potential of a "bananas fosters desert" blog post has worn off. After a few frustrations of trying to figure out how to move our title to the right side (still can't figure out...don't judge) and system overload of EVERY detail that goes into a blog, we have become tired. BUT...have hope everyone...especially the Barkleys...we have arrived in blogging land. Off to bed, more to come! :)